We were having difficulty raising finance through our traditional bank, due to some health issues I was having at the time. We went to see Connie as she had a lot of experiences in the banking industry and was able to get us finance through other sources and helped us out a great deal.

Connie came out to our house and met us here, and had a discussion with my wife and I and understood fully what we were trying to achieve at the time, and was very clear about what we required when she went to her sources to get the finance on behalf of us.

Connie was amazing and extremely thorough in her researching of our situation and in a very short time got the outcome we required to finish funding a project we were working on at the time.

Connie's an extremely trustworthy person. We've learned that now as we've got with her on two projects now and she's been extremely responsive to us including ringing me back at 9:00 at night some evenings to clarify points. It has been a very enjoyable experience working with Connie.

Connie has met more than our expectations and she's made business dealing with her a very enjoyable experience.


Brent Nicholas

Director at Brent Nicholas Production