Restructure your loan before it’s too late

16 Apr 2021 | Connie | Property Investing

New Zealand's government tackles at property speculators with a package of new housing rules to relieve runaway property prices and reduce the risk of a "dangerous" bubble. Banks are more likely to review their servicing calc...

Top 3 tips help you buy your dream house easy

12 Mar 2021 | Connie | First Home Buyer

If you're first time home buyers and looking for tips and advice, we've put together 3 tips for first home buyers NZ to help you buy your dream house.

Why is an interest-only loan better for an investment property?

04 Mar 2021 | Connie | Property Investing

What is an interest-only mortgage? Many investors look to pay interest-only loan on their investment properties. What the benefits of paying interest only on mortgage? What happens when interest only loan expires?