Westpac maybe the perfect lender for your next purchase!

25 Jul 2022 | Alex

Today, we will share with you something we've recently noticed about Westpac's lending policy and how they calculate clients’ existing home loan repayment. With its special calculation, you may borrow much more than other ban...

Are you missing out on interest free loan?

18 Jul 2022 | Connie

ANZ has launched a new product called" Good Energy Home Loan" with a great 1 % interest rate. Westpac also has a very similar product called "Warm up home loan". In this post, we'll explain what these are and share a quick co...

Pros and cons of Offset Loan and Revolving Credit

08 Jul 2022 | Prosperity Finance

Revolving credits and offset accounts are two great products that can help you saving loan interests. However, we found there are a lot of mysteries around these products and people don’t really know how to choose between the...

Does house price cap removal really help first home buyers

20 Jun 2022 | Connie 小宇 | First Home Buyer

In this episode, we will share my analysis of the effectiveness of the policies, in particular, the house price removal, and see how they can help more people gain property ownership in New Zealand.