Why is an interest-only loan better for an investment property?

04 Mar 2021 | Connie | Property Investing

What is an interest-only mortgage? Many investors look to pay interest-only loan on their investment properties. What the benefits of paying interest only on mortgage? What happens when interest only loan expires?

How to get unsecured small business loans in NZ?

18 Feb 2021 | Connie | Finance 101

Just like you we are a small business, and we understand how challenging it is to grow a business without access to capital for extra cashflow. Sometimes, having that lump sum of money can be a determining factor in the succe...

Is it better to buy an investment property before first home?

05 Feb 2021 | Connie | Property Investing

Purchasing a home to live in feels like a rite of passage for many people. If you’re in the market to buy your first home, have you ever wondered is it better to buy an investment property first or buy a home to live in first...

What is a priority amount on a mortgage?

28 Jan 2021 | Connie | Finance 101

The loan offer often mentions “priority amount” under section 92. The priority amount appears much higher than the amount that borrowers are borrowing. What does a priority amount mean on a mortgage? Why the priority amount c...