Connie Wang

Connie Wang

Director and Financial Advisor

Hi, my name is Connie Wang, director and founder of Prosperity Finance. I feel I’m a very lucky person because when I graduated from University, it was very difficult to find a job with a student visa (there was no open work visa back then). With my "Accounting" and "Information Management" double major degree and some luck, I secured a business analyst role with a major bank. I then moved into a lending role in the Commercial Banking segment as I found I preferred working with people and were passionate about helping people and experiencing the joy of reaching their goals with them. This was also one of the key reasons I declined a bank promotion opportunity and set up Prosperity Finance. I believe I can do more and offer more value to my clients by having a boutique finance brokering practice.

I have close to 10 years lending experience in residential lending, business and commercial finance. I get real satisfaction assisting my client's finance needs, the harder the better. Not only because I love challenges but importantly it's in my blood, and if I can provide a better solution which make my customers’ lives better and easier, then the effort paid off.

Although I also have responsibilities to develop the business, I still really enjoy the financial advisor role as this is what's got me to where I am today and gives me great satisfaction if I can improve my customers lives for the better. 09 930 8999
Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong

Mortgage advisor

Hi, my name is Dennis Wong. I provide clients with professional advice for their home finance services with the most suitable mortgage products tailor for your financial goals. Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, renovation, building a new property or such, I am more than happy to help you out to achieve your goal.

I worked in 2 major NZ banks for more than 5 years and worked more than 5 years in a property management industry. Working into banking and property management industry helps me to ensure you get the best options from lending providers. I look forward to providing you with a frank assessment of your situation and achieve your goals for homeownership and financial security. 09 930 8999
Zhuofu Shi

Zhuofu Shi

Adviser Assistant

Hi I am Fu. I’m from Beijing and I came to New Zealand in 2016 for my first time. The experiences of studying, working and living here have been full of pleasure, challenge and gain for me which also brought me hope and confidence for the future.

Before joining Prosperity Finance, I worked in the airport as a retail sales for over one year, this first job which required me to communicate with customers gave me a chance to feel what I really love in my heart, that is I hope, with my endeavour, I can help others reach what they desire for and realise their dreams. With the lead from destiny, I came to this lovely team of Prosperity Finance. I hope I can bring our clients happiness with my knowledge and service.

At the age of 16, I went to America and lived there for a year on my own. It was this special experience that opened the windows of my heart, let me more freely accept the unknown things in the world and made me more willingly to hear other peoples’ stories as well as sharing my own stories. I also believe, my openness and sincerity will allow me to bring better services to our clients.

During my spare time, I enjoy playing table tennis, fishing, going to the beaches with my girlfriend, tidying my garden, reading news and watching TV. Bearing a grateful mind, I hope I can feel and cherish every single moment in my life and be kind to every person around me. Sometimes, I encourage myself to be consistent with what I’m doing, work hard and live well, so that when I think back of presence in the future, I will be proud and happy. 09 930 8999
Alex Zhao

Alex Zhao

Application Specialist

Hi, I am Alex, an application specialist at prosperity finance.

After obtaining my PhD degree from the University of Auckland, I have worked as a scientific researcher in several world-leading universities before joining prosperity finance at the beginning of 2020.

I am also an award-winning photographer, who has operated my own photography business from 2013 to 2017. The experience of running a photo studio was extremely enjoyable and rewarding, and the process has significantly contributed to the development of my customer service and decision-making skills.      

I have always been interested in the financial services industry for its dynamic environment and diverse opportunities. The mortgage broking sector is particularly attractive to me because I can fully utilize my analytical and interpersonal skills to assist customers realizing their homeowning dream.

To further raise the quality of my service, I am currently working towards the NZ financial adviser accreditation. I am always thrilled to provide high standard and consistent professional services to our customers. 09 930 8999
Michael Wang

Michael Wang

Lending Assistant

Hi there, I am Michael. I am currently a lending assistant at Prosperity Finance, and I believe in trust, integrity, and helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Joined at the end of June 2020, I am the latest member of this collaborative and passionate family, which is an amazing opportunity that is hard to pass by. I had the chance of getting to know Connie when I was job-searching in early 2020 and preparing to embrace the next phase of life journey for me and my wife ---- to begin studying and working in New Zealand. I feel lucky that my experience and backgrounds was appreciated by Connie, and especially glad that we share common values. Now, after several months, I am very glad that I have made the right choice of joining.

Before taking up this role, I have been a Wealth Manager in a major state-owned securities company in China for over 5 years. The role provided me with extensive exposure to customer service, investment products, as well as financial analysis. Given the vast difference between volume and structure of financial markets in China and New Zealand, I decided to focus on the property market and its related mortgage lending industry. Apart from developing on several transferrable skills, I managed to complete New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 to be competent for mortgage broking roles.

Looking forward at this time of uncertainty, I still see exciting opportunities in the New Zealand property market and hopefully we will be assisting you along the property journey! 09 930 8999
Stephanie Yan

Stephanie Yan

Marketing and Office Coordinator

Most people believe that "a jack of all trades is a master of none". 

This is often a misquote attributed to creative folk. I much prefer the full version of the quote, which adds '' but oftentimes better than a master of one".

Hey~ I'm Stephanie, I’m a social and digital marketer, with several years of marketing experience doing a bunch of different and exciting things.

Landed in New Zealand in the year of 2015, and that’s where the story began. It’s all about meeting new people, looking for new opportunities and searching for happiness in my own terms.

Moving into New Zealand, for me, means starting over in life and letting go of what isn’t working or what’s holding me back. Holding the working holiday visa in the year of 2015, I was creating the life I want, setting realistic and attainable goals so that I could walk towards my dreams. I made the smooth transition from an iconic office lady in Shanghai (the city I was born in) to the uncertained situation where everything starting from zero ! But that’s the adventurous journey I am eager to.

I enjoy meeting new people. Take a hike, join a club, do volunteer work, host a party, go to a culture event, take a dance club, or even talk to my neighbors. I am keen on learning something new from every person I meet and get new fresh ideas. 09 930 8999