We were upgrading our family home. Although we had a pre-approval before an unconditional purchase, we couldn’t get hold of the bank manager we got pre-approval from. We were left in the dark and felt overwhelmed as transactions were more complicated than usual given both existing and new properties were settling on the same day.

Connie and her team not only got us the best rates but also gave personal advice and great service. We were very satisfied and would recommend Connie and her team as they are knowledgeable and were there when we needed them.

Denise and Richard Parsons

West Auckland Owner of Triangle Road Automotive.

I did not have pre-approval in place before I unconditionally purchased a rental property. I was a bit nervous of getting financing approved due to the complexity of my business and personal structure plus two commercial leases were due for tenants’ renewal in only a few months which could have significant impact on my loan approval.

Connie immediately started working with me to study my situation and plan and then in no time, she not only secured approval for me but gained approvals from two banks to ensure a smooth settlement.

As an authorised financial advisor in NZ, I was always confident managing my own finance but after working with Connie, I found her very professional and knowledgeable. Not to mention how much time and paperwork would have been involved if I had done it myself.

I want to just concentrate on my risk insurance broker area and leave the mortgage finance work to the expert - Connie Wang, she is one of the best mortgage brokers I’ve seen within the NZ Financial Services industry. I’m very satisfied with service we received from Connie and her team.

Stella Huang

Authorised financial adviser - Shore Insurance Service Ltd

We initially approached Connie regarding our home loan refinance because my wife normally worked during daytime but I worked a night shift for 3 days a week. It was not convenient for us to go to the bank directly.

Connie went to our house during night time where both of us were available to review our existing home loan and discuss our financial goals. She sorted everything for us with a breeze. We not only successfully refinanced our existing home loan and secured a very good interest rate and cash reward but she also helped us finance our first rental property with no cash deposit by leveraging our home equity, which we were not aware of before. She also gave us great advice on how to manage our home loans so they can be paid off quicker and build wealth through property investment.

We definitely recommend Connie because her knowledge, experience, and expertise in finance gave us peace of mind. She is always there to help us and keep us updated regarding our home loans.

Jose and Marilou Suerte

Proud parents of two lovely children

Shrenik Choksi

A true family man and a proud dad

Matthew Childs

Team Manager – Air New Zealand

Mardiana Yus

IT Guru

We were working on financing a Hotel project before approaching Connie as it was not a straight forward financing with many complications and things that has to be taken into consideration, and bank has tightened on development finance.

Prosperity Finance lead by Connie Wang has been recommended to me by a professional banker. The service we received from her was great. We successfully secured finance within a short space of time, together with great communication skills and have understood the case and well executed accordingly.

I would recommend them to others as it has recommended to me, and also they have good credit and honest relationships with many banks and private financial institutions

We are satisfied with their services, attitude and work ethic they have towards their client.

Sahid Patel

Owners of Quality Greenview Hotels

We have been using Connie and her team for two projects so far. The last one was for our family home upgrade. We received excellent results and in a timely manner with a lot of useful information. I benefited from Connie’s personal approach and her advice that helped us make the right decisions.

I will absolutely recommend Connie and her company.  The professionalism and guidance provided by her were outstanding. Also, the friendly and helpful attitude of her team completed the picture of excellent service. I’m very satisfied.

Aleksei Tyshko

System Engineer