Investing In Commercial Property

Commercial property investment is more complex than residential property investment as it requires a higher level of knowledge and experience in the real estate market and business. 

Factors affecting commercial investment property loans:

  • Lease term & Lease expiry 
  • Number of tenants
  • Tenant quality
  • Location 
  • Property types
  • IEP
  • Who pays outgoings?
  • Valuation 

Is commercial property now a more attractive investment than residential property?

What are the benefits of investing in commercial property?

  • Higher return
  • Fewer ongoing expenses
  • Longer lease period

What are the risks of investing in commercial property?

  • Potentially longer untenanted periods
  • Lack of knowledge and experience

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What makes a good commercial property?

  • Lease income
  • Quality of tenant
  • Lease period
  • Occupancy
  • High- or low-value property

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Check how much you can borrow with our commercial property borrowing calculator

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