The four challenges in property development

22 Oct 2021 | Connie | Property Investing

It says that 2021 is the best time in a generation to be a property developer. Many clients came to ask about financing property development projects. However, is that easy to do a property development in NZ? Here are four ch...

CCCFA will make it harder for people to get loan approval?

15 Oct 2021 | Connie | Property Investing

The modification of CCCFA brings five major impacts on the home loan application, many points become stricter, including application reviews, loan calculations, recognition of rental income, test rates, and expenses review.

Five Tips that new home buyers have to know

08 Oct 2021 | Connie | First Home Buyer

Since the 2021 One-off resident visa being introduced, many new residents start considering buying their first home without experience of buying a house in NZ. I bring several essential tips to help prepare for the loan appli...