The Laser Focus Interest Rate Trap

12 Jan 2018 | Connie Wang | Interest Rates

The majority of banks in New Zealand all compete for your business fighting over which has got the cheapest interest rate. You’ve probably experienced or seen this all the time.

Self-Employed Borrowers Should Be Aware

12 Jan 2018 | Connie Wang | Property Investing

If you are self-employed in the form of a sole trader or partnership, with the business held in your name, and you are sued, you could then lose your home and everything in your name.

Why You Should Not Accept the Pre-Approved Credit Limit Increase?

12 Jan 2018 | Connie Wang | Finance 101

As mortgage specialists, we have seen people go to a bank branch directly to apply for a loan only to get declined. After fact finding, we notice they have something like $40,000 limits on their credit cards. Yet they never u...