Demystifying NZ Business Loans: What You Should Understand

14 Sep 2023 | Prosperity Finance | Property Investing

Discover the ins and outs of obtaining business loans in New Zealand for purchasing a business. Explore two key methods: leveraging your residential property and pursuing unsecured business loans. Learn about crucial factors...

How to fix your home loan

11 Apr 2022 | Connie | Property Investing

Most banks in New Zealand have recently started a new round of increases in the fixed loan interest rates of 1-3 years. Usually, choosing a one-year fix term is the most popular choice over the recent years for most people.

Should I object to Council Valuation of my properties?

25 Mar 2022 | Connie | Property Investing

Last week, the New Zealand government finally released the latest property valuation, often referred to as CV. In today's content, we will help you analyze whether it is necessary to re-examine your CV according to different...